FIFA has announced a new rating list of national teams.

Report informs that Azerbaijan is in the 110th place with 1,188 points. The team, led by Nikola Jurčević, has dropped by two positions in comparison with the rating announced previously. The reason is that the national team lost to Hungary 1: 3 and Slovakia 1: 5 in the last round of EURO 2020.

As for the opponents in the qualifying round, Croatia is on the sixth place with 1,625 points. Wales with 1514 points dropped by 4 points to 23rd with 1514 points. Having won the last two games, Hungary has raised to 9th place and ranked 42nd. Slovakia has moved up by one point and currently hold 31st place with 1491 points.

The holders of first three positions in the list have not changed. Belgium (1,746) is in the first place, followed by France (1,718) and Brazil is third (1,681). The Turkish team (1,467) having risen by 2 points holds the 37th place.