The inappropriate and implausible statements of French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna are of no significance for Azerbaijan, MP Vugar Isgandarov told Report.

He recalled that the French Foreign Minister recently made statements on Twitter that were inappropriate for the head of the foreign affairs agency: “Colonna said that France condemns the so-called ‘closure’ of the Lachin road by Azerbaijan from the first day and that she intends to visit Baku and Yerevan at the end of April to convey this message. I think these words are outrageous. France has once again exposed itself to ridicule with such an approach.”

According to the lawmaker, Catherine Colonna violates the norms and principles of international law with her comments:

“What is hard to understand is whether these statements were made by a minister or a student? The head of the French foreign ministry must realize that we are not the island of Corsica or countries that France enslaved, but we are the leading country of the Caucasus – Azerbaijan. The same Azerbaijan, which declared to the whole the world about the crimes of France from the highest rostrum and urged them to apologize. And today Azerbaijan expresses its disagreement with the hypocritical and sanctimonious policy of France, putting them in their place.”