Azerbaijan is a neighboring country with Armenia, so it cares about the situation in Armenia, member of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE Sevinj Fataliyeva said during the PACE spring session.

She added that unfortunately due to the short-sighted policy of the Armenian authorities, the country not only found itself in regional isolation and in difficult socio-economic conditions, but also on the verge of a civil war.

Fataliyeva noted that today eyes of many people are bent on Yerevan. “But who knows what is happening in the Armenian provinces? Armenian human rights activists are actively sharing information on social networks, reporting numerous detentions and arrests.”

“And, while in Yerevan, those who block the buildings of the government institutions are put under custody, in other cities, ordinary demonstrators are detained and subjected to severe means of influence,” she said. “Of course, this is not disclosed by the authorities, but Armenian human rights organizations are sounding the alarm. Yerevan is the capital city, so everything that happens there is in the center of attention, but what is happening in other cities remains outside the field of view of international organizations.”

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The MP stressed that these are not the first large-scale protests in Armenia.

“However, each time the protest of hundreds of thousands of people is brutally suppressed. International organizations and the developed democracies of the world react quite softly to what is happening,” she said. “With this indifference of the rest of the world, the Armenian government has been acting for decades, formatting, reformatting its power for the sake of the ruling clan, which usurped political power, and even mass protests, which are designed to draw the attention of the international community to the lawlessness that takes place there, get a very streamlined assessment.”