Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Rahman Mustafayev has sent a letter to the head of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament, where he spoke about the reasons for the local counter-terrorism measures on September 19-20 and their consequences, about the measures already taken and future plans of the Azerbaijani government in the field of reintegration of the Armenian population of Karabakh into legal space of Azerbaijan, Report informs referring to Azerbaijan’s Embassy in the Netherlands.

“The written appeal to the head of the Commission and its members is due to the fact that in recent days, supporters and lobbyists of Armenia in parliament have significantly intensified their activities by sending various requests to the head of the country’s government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which the situation in our region is presented in a distorted form, and the questions themselves are presented in a provocative form,” the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Netherlands added.