As part of the initiatives conducted by the engineer-sapper units of the Azerbaijani Army, a total of 205 hectares of land have been cleared of mines and unexploded ordnance from the beginning of this year to March 1, the Ministry of Defense reported.

To date, engineer-sapper units have cleared 36,260 hectares of territories liberated from Armenian occupation from mines and unexploded ordnance. They have discovered a total of 10,440 units of anti-personnel mines, 3,301 units of anti-tank mines, and 12,693 units of unexploded ordnance. The identified mines and ordnance, including homemade explosives, undergo safe disposal through detonation and controlled burning in designated areas, adhering to safety measures.

The primary focus in land clearance of mines and unexploded ordnance is directed towards clearing settlements, crops, roads, and infrastructure. Ongoing engineering measures are being undertaken in the liberated territories, as stated by the Defense Ministry.

Following the liberation of its lands, Azerbaijan began operations in November 2020 to clean its lands of mines, booby traps, and other weaponry left behind by Armenian troops.