Fuad Muradov, Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, within the framework of his visit to the Republic of Korea, met with Tae Yeoub Yang, vice-president for international relations and financial issues of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Prof. Chong Jin Oh, Head of Turkish-Azerbaijani Studies Department of Hankuk University and Prof. Dr. Man-A Lee, Director of the Department of International Relations, and Rovshan Ibrahimov, professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, coordinator of the network of Azerbaijani scientists, also attended the meeting.

Welcoming the guest, the vice-president gave detailed information about the history of establishment, activities and international relations of the university. He has mentioned that for the first time in Central Asia, the department of Azerbaijani-Turkish studies was established at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and the Azerbaijan Centre was established under this department. Vice president has also underlined the cooperation relations with Baku State University, ADA University and Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Expressing his gratitude the Committee chairman gave information about the diaspora policy of Azerbaijan, the history of the establishment of the Committee, the activity of “BUTA” Korea-Azerbaijan Friendship Association and Azerbaijani students studying in various universities in the Republic of Korea. Committee chairman has mentioned the fact that our state supports projects such as the establishment of Azerbaijani houses in different countries, holding Summer Camps of Diaspora Youth in Azerbaijan, and the publication of text-book “Azerbaijani language” for strengthening relations among our compatriots living abroad and Azerbaijan.

Cooperation perspectives were debated at the meeting.

Chairman donated books to the University on the behalf of the Committee.

Then, Committee chairman got acquainted with the activity of the Multicultural Museum of Korea. Welcoming the guest, the director of the museum, Kim Yun Tae, gave detailed information about the activity of the cultural centre. “Five-story museum building is housing small copies of the most remarkable and typical cultural objects of different peoples of the world and embassies of various countries provide support to the museum”, told the director.

The chairman of the committee has mentioned that multiculturalism and tolerance are two main values of Azerbaijan. He has highlighted the projects implemented in foreign countries within the framework of Fund for Support to Azerbaijani Diaspora related to the promotion of multiculturalism values and our cultural heritage.

The Committee chairman put forward a proposal regarding the opening an Azerbaijani corner in the museum.

Souvenirs were presented to the museum on behalf of the Committee.

As a part of his visit to Korea, Committee Chairman Fuad Muradov, has also met Dr.Lee Myung Woo Director of the Library of the National Assembly of Korea. The chairman gave information about the successful development of friendly and cooperative relations between Azerbaijan and Korea, the integration of the Azerbaijani diaspora into the local society. He donated books about the history, culture, art and public life of Azerbaijan to the fund of the Assembly Library.

Expressing his gratitude for the donated books, the director general has told that there are about 7 million books in the library’s collection.

The chairman of the committee got acquainted with the history, information system, reading halls of the library.