A display of paintings by Azerbaijani artist, founder of the Yarat Center for Contemporary Art Aida Mahmudova, has been opened at the SAPAR Contemporary Art Gallery in New York.

The exhibition, entitled “PASTPRESENTFUTURE” (past, present, future), features more than 30 works by the artist. It is part of the gallery’s program to support women artists from Central Asia and the Caucasus. This is A. Mahmudova’s second solo exhibition in New York.

Nina Levent, a co-founder of the gallery, liked Mahmudova’s works and said that the artist presented the beauties of Azerbaijan’s rich nature to the American public in the language of art:

“We are proud to host the exhibition of the Azerbaijani artist. In her works, the artist reflects the manifestation of human’s inner and outer worlds through the eyes of nature, the past, present, and future with the harmony of colors. Ms. Aida perfectly revived the imaginative colors of Azerbaijan’s rich nature with the power of the imagination and the brush with modern touches. She thinks that art lovers will enjoy this show.

Note that the display will be open to the public until February 16.