Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu called Armenia’s actions in the Tovuz district on July 12, where the shelling took place, a provocation.

He made the remark in an interview to the Russian Echo of Moscow radio station.

“If this happened in the Karabakh direction, it would be somehow understandable. But the incident did not occur near Nagorno-Karabakh, but on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. This is a clear provocation, because the UAZ [car with Azerbaijani soldiers moving along the border] is not a tank. They [Armenian side] could promptly call and contact [Azerbaijani one] over the radio, there is a local connection with each other, a hotline. Why did the attack immediately begin from the guns at the stronghold of the Azerbaijani border guards, not even the troops of the Defense Ministry?!” the ambassador said.

“In my opinion, this was done to involve the CSTO [member countries] and, first of all, Russia into the conflict. Because it’s clear that Azerbaijan has bilateral partnership relations, including economic ones with all members of the CSTO. The local task is to raise the CSTO, primarily Russia, the global task is to create another hotbed [of tension] along the perimeter of Russia, which would create certain concerns,” he explained.

The ambassador stressed that Azerbaijan will submit all the necessary documents on the incident to the CSTO.

“We have nothing to hide. Our cause is right. The question is about the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories by the Armenian side. Until the occupation ends, any conflicts, any development of events are possible,” he said.

“There is no need to look for the right or the guilty parties, since there are very specific international legal documents from the PACE and the OSCE, as well as 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council and a resolution of the UN General Assembly that expresses world opinion,” Bulbuloglu noted.

“While our land is occupied, no one in Azerbaijan will ever agree with this situation, and the longer it [the occupation] lasts, the more dangerous it will become,” the ambassador noted.

“An armed clash on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues. As far as I know, nothing good is happening there. The very active shooting from the Armenian side is ongoing. They are shooting at peaceful villages. Naturally, our army will actively counteract this,” he said.

Starting from noon on July 12, units of the armed forces of Armenia, grossly violating the ceasefire in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, opened artillery fire at Azerbaijani positions.

Azerbaijan’s armed response forced the Armenian army to retreat suffering losses.

Azerbaijan’s sergeant of military service Vugar Sadigov and corporal Elshad Mammadov, died while repelling the attack of the Armenian armed forces. Another serviceman, Khayyam Dashdemirov died from severe wounds despite the doctors’ efforts.

The tensions in Tovuz district on the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border continued July 12 night. During the night battles, by using artillery, mortars and tanks, the Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed a stronghold, bombshells, vehicles and servicemen on the territory of the Armenia’s military unit. Senior lieutenant of Azerbaijani army Rashad Mahmudov was killed during the battles.

On the night of July 13-14, fierce battles also took place on the territory of the Tovuz district. During the fighting, Major General Polad Gashimov, Colonel Ilgar Mirzoyev, Major Namig Ahmadov, Major Anar Novruzov, Ensign Ilgar Zeynalli, Ensign Yashar Babayev, non-commissioned officer, soldier Elchin Mustafazadeh died heroically.