The logo for the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) has been revealed.

“The logo reflects the multifaceted initiatives of the COP29 presidency and is based on a synthesis of the symbols of the buta, leaf, and drops of water. In the context of the importance of natural resources it acknowledges ecological vulnerability and Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage,” said Chair of the COP29 Operating Company and Chief Operating Officer Narmin Jarchalova as she addressed the press conference held in Baku.

“With its roots in Azerbaijan’s history and its timeless cultural heritage, the buta motif embraces sustainability and innovation, and forms a bridge between past and future. The combination of buta motifs represents unity, and in depicting drops of water, the buta motifs also represent five different elements – flora and fauna, air and wind, water, energy, and the universe. In an era of heightened climate challenges, the COP29 logo reflects the importance of seamless relations between humanity and the environment, ecologically sensitive behaviour, and results-oriented action,” Jarchalova added.