The integration of the systems of Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee (SCC) and the Compulsory Insurance Bureau (CIB) will contribute to solving the problem associated with the sale of fake Green Card agreements, CIB Executive Director Rashad Ahmadov said at a press conference on the occasion of the completion of the integration of the SCC and CIB systems under the Green Card agreements, Report informs.

“Recently, CIB has received a lot of information about the sale of fake Green Cards from bureaus operating abroad. The CIB informs citizens that, in accordance with Article 63.2.2 of the Law on Compulsory Insurance, the owner of a motor vehicle registered in Azerbaijan can obtain a Green Card by concluding an agreement only with local insurers who have the right to operate in the Green Card system. The list of these companies is available on the official website of CIB and is regularly published in the official press,” Ahmadov noted.

He said that the work has begun on integrating the Green Card insurance systems of Azerbaijan and Turkey. The same with a car registered in Turkey when passing through customs control in Azerbaijan, he noted. This, in turn, will prevent vehicles with a fake Green Card insurance certificate from entering the country, Ahmadov added.