The next conference the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History (ICOMAM) will take place in Azerbaijan in 2023.

The decision was adopted on the basis of a presentation made by the Board Member and First Deputy Chairman of Qasr Cultural Heritage and Historical Monuments Preservation Public Union, member of the ICOMAM Board of Directors Parvin Gozalov.

Parvin Gozalov has been a member of the Board of the Public Union since 2007.

He was elected as an ICOMAM member at the Committee’s 25th General Conference held in Kyoto, Japan, in 2019.

The Baku conference of the ICOMAM International Committee will feature international experts in military history and collections of arms and scientists in Azerbaijan. The International Committee for Museums was founded in 1946, uniting 44,686 professionals from 138 countries, as well as 118 national and 32 international committees.