A number of cultural and art educational institutions of Azerbaijan will represent the country at the 17th Youth Delphic Games of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to be held in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, on October 6-10.

The 17th CIS Youth Delphic Games will bring together young people, aged 10 to 25, who will have to compete in various nominations of folk, classical and modern art. The games will also include master classes, official and scientific-practical events.

The 17th CIS Youth Delphic Games are held with the aim of further practical development of the Delphic Games as the Highest Forum of Arts, promoting the preservation and development of national cultures, encouraging intercultural dialogue, strengthening ties between countries, cooperation of youth, creative intelligentsia and educational institutions of the Commonwealth countries in the humanitarian field, improving forms of aesthetic education and art education, promoting professional growth of young cultural figures, development of event tourism and creative industries.

The contest programme consists of the following nominations: piano, violin, academic singing, solo folk singing, pop singing, folk dance, playing wind instruments, fine art, artist’s craft, national musical instruments. Proceeding from the contest results, the winners will be awarded with special nominations.

Delphi games of CIS countries have been held since 2002.