Decisions adopted over the past year to improve the legislative, regulatory, and institutional basis for renewable energy pave the way for significant progress in this sector, Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov said in an article, entitled “A new era of Azerbaijani energy begins in Karabakh and East Zangazur” published in Respublika newspaper dedicated to the October 20 – Energy Day, Report informs

In his opinion, the adoption of the law “On the use of renewable energy sources in electricity production”, the establishment of the State Agency for Renewable Energy Sources under the Ministry of Energy, and the reorganization of the agency’s activities on the basis of efficiency, flexibility, and modern development are steps designed to achieve these objectives: “Focusing on contributing to “green growth”, as well as being the first law regulating a number of innovations in the renewable energy sector, such as the participation of foreign investors, the private sector, and citizens, it will bring us closer to our goals of “green energy. The adoption of a number of sub-legislative acts to support active consumers, create an information system, and issue a certificate for the source of electricity generated from renewable energy sources will accelerate the process.