As of January 1, 2023, the balance of the State Fund for Environmental Protection in Azerbaijan was 27.6 million manats (about $16.2 million), as was reflected in the bill “On the implementation of the state budget of 2023”, Report informs.

Thus, in the reporting year, 6.9 million manats (about $4.05 million) of funds were received into the fund due to payments for the use of nature, fines received for violating the legislation on environmental protection (except for fishing), and funds received from the sale of confiscated hunting tools.

During the reporting period, the Fund’s expenses amounted to 12.9 million manats (about $7.58 million), which, in accordance with the Fund’s charter, were used to represent Azerbaijan at international events (including COP28 in Dubai and Green Desert, Better Environment” – Expo Doha 2023), as well as the improvement of the financial support of employees working in this field, the creation and development of the material and technical base of state institutions operating in the environmental protection.