When suppressing the provocations committed by the Armenian Armed Forces on the border on September 12-14, about 80 servicemen of the heroic Azerbaijani army became martyrs, many were injured.

Report staff visited the wounded at the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense.

The provision in the hospital fully complies with international standards and Azerbaijani servicemen are provided with medical care at the highest level. The military medical institution has the most modern equipment, professional medical personnel take care of the wounded.

Azerbaijani army soldier Ilknur Aliyev told Report that he was wounded while preventing an enemy provocation: “At that moment we were at our positions. On the night of September 12, an alarm sounded. We were informed that units of the Armenian Armed Forces resorted to provocations. We launched a counteroffensive to prevent provocations and give the enemy a decisive rebuff. I was wounded in the Kalbajar direction, at present my condition is satisfactory.”

According to Talat Nasirov, a serviceman of the Azerbaijani army, he was wounded during the fighting in the direction of the Zod village in the Kalbajar district: “On the night of September 12, an alarm signal was raised to prevent the provocation of the Armenians. Together with our comrades-in-arms, we fortified our positions and gave the Armenians a worthy rebuff. Armenians should know that Azerbaijan has such brave sons as us, in order to prevent any of their provocations.”

Serviceman of the Azerbaijani army, Amrah Aliyev, said that he was wounded in the stomach by an enemy sniper bullet in the battles in the Kalbajar-Dashkasan direction and at present his condition is stable: “Thanks to the doctors, here we are treated with special care. We are confident that we will recover soon because we know how qualified our doctors are.”

The head of the ophthalmology department of the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel-Lieutenant Salahaddin Takhmazov, noted that in the April battles, in the Patriotic War and during the operations “Retribution” and “Decisive Response”, Azerbaijani military doctors worked in an enhanced mode. He said that on the instruction of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, all personnel of the Military Medical Service constantly stand by the Azerbaijani servicemen.

Takhmazov emphasized that doctors treat each of the wounded soldiers with special attention: “Our doctors, as well as all medical personnel, treat the wounded as if they were their relatives. Our hospital has modern equipment and all the necessary medicines, there is a sufficient supply of blood. There are no problems with the supply of blood components in our army. Despite that our servicemen were injured, they are in a very positive mood, their morale is high, they all dream of a speedy recovery and return to their duty positions. You can be sure that all our medical staff is doing everything possible to ensure that our wounded recover soon and return to their duties. We pray for each of them.”

Modular and mobile field hospitals have been created in the territories liberated from occupation and in places close to hostilities. Immediately after receiving the message that on the night of September 12, the Armenian Armed Forces carried out large-scale provocations, medical equipment and medical personnel were sent to this territory, and modular hospitals were set up in all areas. On September 13, these medical facilities were already working at full capacity. The wounded, taken out of the battlefield during the clashes, were urgently evacuated to these medical facilities.

After preliminary diagnoses were made there and first medical aid was provided, the wounded Azerbaijani servicemen were evacuated to other medical institutions. Examination and treatment procedures were also carried out there. After that, if necessary, some of the wounded were sent to a military hospital in Baku for more qualified medical care and a rehabilitation process.

On September 12-14, while preventing a large-scale provocation by the Armenian Armed Forces, 80 servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were killed, 281 received injuries of varying severity.

Of the 281 injured servicemen, 43 returned to the army after receiving primary medical care, the condition of 115 people is assessed as satisfactory, 103 – as moderately severe, 20 – as serious.

As a result of clashes on the border with Azerbaijan, 207 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia were killed, 293 were injured, 20 servicemen were captured and 2 were missing.