Azerbaijan’s Bona Dea International Hospital and Turkiye’s LIV Medical Group have signed an agreement on mutual cooperation.

Report informs that the event took place in the conference hall of Bona Dea International Hospital.

According to the terms of the agreement, the world-famous Turkish network will also participate in the management of Bona Dea International Hospital.

The purpose of the agreement is to increase cooperation and joint activities between the leading medical institutions of the two countries, as well as to lay the foundation for the application of the latest methods and techniques in the Turkish health system in Azerbaijan through Bona Dea International Hospital.

The hospital will now serve patients with more professional medical personnel and staff meeting European standards.

Jabir Gulmaliyev, Chief Physician of Bona Dea International Hospital, and Muharrem Usta, Head of LIV Medical Group, spoke at the signing ceremony about the prospects of the agreement and the opportunities it will provide to Azerbaijan’s healthcare.

Usta said this is a significant event: “Azerbaijan has done a very successful job in the health field. This applies to both public and private hospitals. Many countries around the world have serious problems in this area. It is impossible not to appreciate the success of Azerbaijan.”

According to him, this will further strengthen relations between the two brotherly countries:

“The hospitals here are ours, and the hospitals in Turkiye are yours. Here we will write a great story that all patients will be satisfied with the service and staff. Every medical worker here is precious to us. Azerbaijan is very important for us. We need to cooperate with all hospitals here.”

Gulmaliyev said the mutual collaboration would get stronger: “I hope it will be a successful step for Azerbaijan’s health sector. I believe we will continue to take similar steps. So, I think we can contribute more to the development of our medical industry.”