Azerbaijan’s AzerGold company has attracted AZ Dag-Medenistismar as a drilling contractor, according to the government procurement website.

The contract between the parties was signed for 10.307 million manats, according to the source.

In 2018, exploration and drilling operations were carried out at depths of up to 17,000 meters, and metallurgical, laboratory, geotechnical, hydrological studies were carried out for the presence of underground (sulfide) ores at the Chovdar, Agyokhush, Tulallar, Ortakend-Khanaga (in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic) deposits.

The preliminary feasibility study on the Filizchay polymetallic deposit was also completed.

Following the results of research and exploration work conducted in 2018, the number of non-ferrous and precious metal reserves confirmed by international standards in the deposits and areas used by AzerGold CJSC has increased almost 20 times compared to 2016.

This year, there are plans to complete the development of a document on the feasibility study of the underground phase of the exploitation of the Chovdar field. In addition, the priority tasks include drilling and holding the related research at the Filizchay field, as well as on Agyokhush, Tulullar and Ortakend-Khanaga prospective areas.