Russia and Azerbaijan are progressively strengthening the juridical base of bilateral relations and consistently implementing the action plan for the development of key spheres of the Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation until 2024, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Overchuk said.

Overchuk made the remark at a meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan on April 27 in Moscow, according to Trend.

The event was held under the co-chairmanship of Overchuk and Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev, as well as with the participation of Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Azerbaijan Ruslan Mirsayapov.

The parties discussed a wide range of issues of trade and economic cooperation, paying special attention to the industry, transport, agriculture and the humanitarian sphere.

The importance of strengthening the ties between the regions of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan was emphasized and the role of the business communities of the two countries in the development of economic interaction was highlighted during the meeting.

“An international online business event of the companies from the North Caucasus Federal District of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan dedicated to the implementation of infrastructure projects was held on the eve of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission,” Overchuk added.

“A meeting of the Russian-Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani-Russian business councils was held,” the Russian deputy prime minister added. “These business events will give impetus to the promotion of new projects and ideas.”

Overchuk said that the action plan for the development of cooperation between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan in the field of innovative development and the digital economy was approved within the implementation of the agreements of the 18th meeting of the commission.

The parties plan to create an expert working group, as well as an innovative scientific and technological center in Azerbaijan to implement the roadmap.

Among the promising spheres are the pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, agricultural and transport sectors.

“I hope that the situation with combating COVID-19 will continue to improve,” Overchuk said. “It’s time to return to the usual rhythm of face-to-face contacts.”

“We expect a representative delegation of Azerbaijan at the 14th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2021, the Second Caspian Economic Forum in Moscow in August 2021 and the 9th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum in November 2021,” Overchuk said. “Until the end of the year, we look forward to holding the 11th Azerbaijan-Russia Interregional Forum and Forum of Youth Initiatives, postponed in 2020.”

The Russian side confirmed its readiness to hold the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in Russia, which are also scheduled for 2021. This event will serve as a driver for the further development and strengthening of cultural and humanitarian interaction.

The Protocol of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan was signed following the meeting.

The activity of the trade representative office is aimed at developing the economic ties between Russia and Azerbaijan, promoting the Russian export projects, attracting investments and advanced technologies to the Russian Federation.