Over 800-1000 students are expected to study at Karabakh University in 2024, said Minister of Science and Education of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev during a media briefing.

The minister noted that 30-40 people from academic staff will live at the Karabakh University.

“The infrastructure includes academic buildings, classrooms, libraries, gyms, and dormitories. Some teachers will live in neighboring areas. The organization of teaching will be rotational. The admission process will be in the traditional way. At the same time, we are thinking about transferring ‘Sabah’ groups (established to improve quality of higher education, creating a new and distinctive environment in the higher education system) to Karabakh University on an application basis. Education of talented youth of ‘Sabah’ group in Karabakh University will be a new beginning. Dual education of Karabakh University and other universities will be organized,” he stressed.

The minister also mentioned that four faculties are planned at the initial stage.

“Education and teaching specialties are a priority. The university will offer such specialties as teaching in elementary school, preschool education, teaching mathematics, computer science, corrective teaching, IT, social-psychological service in education, computer engineering, food engineering, urban planning, civil engineering, international relations, regional studies, history, communications and digital media, international trade and logistics, business administration, economics, finance-marketing, management, accounting, accounting, and finance.