“We, of course, are rejecting these accusations. All prisoners of war, captured during the war, have been returned to Armenia.”

Report informs that in response to a question – “As for the POWs, Human Rights Watch is accusing Azerbaijan of detaining and torturing them. What would be your response to it? As a goodwill gesture, are you ready to swap them with Armenia?” – Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

“The Armenian government can confirm this. We returned them before they even returned our prisoners of war. As for those individuals referred to by NGOs, they were sent to our positions by Armenian military commanders two weeks after the end of the war and after the signing of the November Declaration, thus they committed a crime by killing four Azerbaijani servicemen. They were neutralized and arrested. Most of those who were not involved in the crime have already been returned. The perpetrators were punished by courts.”

In response to a question “Armenia claims that you are still keeping prisoners of war and you do not tell the truth”, the Azerbaijani president said.