Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Latin American countries Mammad Talibov participated in the swearing-in ceremony of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, Report informs.

“I had the privilege of having represented Azerbaijan at the swearing-in ceremony of the President of Colombia. I conveyed greetings from President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes him great success in his new mandate,” Talibov tweeted,

Gustavo Petro, who was elected President of the country from the “Historical Pact” coalition of leftist parties in Colombia, started exercising the powers of the head of state yesterday.

King Felipe VI of Spain, President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, President of Bolivia Luis Arce, President of Paraguay Mario Abdo Benitez, President of Chile Gabriel Borich, and President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso were among the honored guests of the inauguration ceremony.

Petro’s hard-fought victory in the June elections brought Colombia, long ruled by a conservative elite, into an expanding left-wing fold in Latin America.