Azerbaijan has won nine medals at the V Islamic Solidarity Games over the past day of competition.

Thus, the number of medals of the Azerbaijani national team reached 67, including 20 gold, 27 silver and 20 bronze medals.

Therefore, Azerbaijan ranks fourth in terms of the number of medals among the 56 countries participating in the V Islamic Solidarity Games.

The top five are Türkiye, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. Of the 56 participating countries, 42 have won medals so far.

The V Islamic Solidarity Games are taking place in Konya, Türkiye, from August 9 through August 18.

In total, athletes from 56 countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are participating in the games. The competitions are held at 14 venues in Konya. According to the results of the competitions, 355 medals will be awarded to athletes.