The illegal border crossing by three teenagers into Azerbaijan was prevented.

Report has learned from the press center of the State Border Service (SBS) that on January 17, at around 15:25, in the service area of the frontier post, located near the village of Amankand, Bilasuvar District of the Goytapa border detachment under the Border Troops of the State Border Service, the border detachment detected a violation of the state border by three persons in the direction of Azerbaijan from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Those who violated the state border by mistake are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran Atesh Amirrza Atesh (14 years old), Puya Badali Mehraj (12 years old), and Danai Sahand Ibrahim (11 years old).

The detainees were taken to the border post, provided with hot meals and other necessary conditions.

Given the good-neighborly and friendly relations between Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the opposite side was informed about the incident.