In the first quarter of 2021, expenditures of the state budget amounted to AZN 5,523.7 million, up AZN 269.1 million or 5.1% in comparison from the previous year, Report informs, referring to Finance Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the forecast (AZN 5,414.8 million) was fulfilled by 102%.

In the structure of the expenditures, AZN 4,020.5 million or 72.8% was spent on current expenses (up AZN 194.9 million or 5.1% from a year ago), AZN 1,105.7 million or 20% – on capital expenses (+AZN 80 million or 7.8%), AZN 397.5 million or 7.2% – on public debt and liabilities.