Some 42 monuments have been put on record on liberated territories of Azerbaijan (30 in Shusha city), said the Head of Azerbaijan’s State Service for Protection, Development and Restoration of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Nurida Allahyarova.

This is really important judging by the damage caused to the monuments.

She noted that 42 monuments and 10 conservation areas have been noted and put on record on the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

“In order to ensure implementation of paragraph 3 of Resolution No. 508s of August 24, 2021 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan “Regulations on the temporary register of buildings in the liberated territories” on ensuring the execution of Decree No. 1422 of August 12, 2021 of the President of Azerbaijan on the basis of data collected during monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Culture, in accordance with the classification of immovable historical and cultural monuments these monuments were included in the Karabakh Digital Geoinformation System,” Allahyarova said.