Azerbaijan ranked 12th out of 141 countries in terms of efficiency of air transport services, leaving behind a number of developed countries, Trend reports referring to the Global Competitiveness Index report by the World Economic Forum.

In terms of efficiency of air transport services, Azerbaijan left behind such developed countries as Belgium (19th place), Australia (23rd place), France (24th place), Ireland (26th place), Germany (28th place) and Canada (37th place).

On this indicator, Azerbaijan left behind all its neighbors: Turkey ranked 31st, Russia – 52nd, Georgia – 86th and Iran – 132nd.

Such developed countries as the Netherlands (third place), Finland (fourth place), Switzerland (sixth place) and others were ahead of Azerbaijan on this indicator.

Singapore ranked first on this indicator, while the South African country of Lesotho took the 141st place (the last one).

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In general, in the Global Competitiveness Index, Azerbaijan took 58th place among 141 countries. Thus, the country climbed up 11 steps in 2019, 2.7 points more (gaining 62.7 points).

The Global Competitiveness Index is a global study and the accompanying ranking of countries in terms of economic competitiveness, compiled annually by the World Economic Forum.