“Azerbaijan, along with 191 countries, have joined the new UN agenda to solve the problems of inequality and unemployment in the world,” Deputy Economy Minister Sevinj Hasanova said.

Report informs that she spoke at the XVI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen held on the topic of “The role of Ombudsmen in achieving Fair Peace and Sustainable Development Goals.”

According to her, more than 600 million people in the world do not have direct access to purified drinking water: “Inequality reigns in the world, and problems still remain unresolved. There are still more than 200 million unemployed people in the world. About 100 million young people do not have opportunity to get primary education. Azerbaijan, along with 191 countries, joined the new UN agenda to solve these problems.”

The Deputy Minister noted that Azerbaijan has achieved a reduction of poverty by half: “Azerbaijan entered the list of 18 countries that achieved poverty reduction.”