Tural Aliyev, the sector head of the NGO Relations and Communications Department at Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration, voiced a stark warning to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in the country, Report informs.

Speaking at the Forum for Cooperation among Azerbaijani NGOs held in Zangilan, Aliyev emphasized the critical importance of financial transparency among NGOs.

“There cannot be and will not be any concessions for NGOs whose practical activities do not align with their written projects,” Aliyev declared.

The official’s statements reflect a growing concern within the Azerbaijani government about foreign influence in the country’s civil society. Aliyev explicitly stated that “attempts to interfere in the NGO segment from abroad through illegal means, under the guise of ‘grants,’ are unacceptable.”

He warned that those engaging in such practices would continue to face resolute action from the Azerbaijani state.

In a direct appeal to NGOs working with foreign donors, Aliyev urged them to establish collaborations solely based on appropriate notifications from the Ministry of Justice.