The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has issued a statement in response to media reports about a contract signed between France and Armenia for the purchase of “Caesar” self-propelled artillery units.

In the statement, Azerbaijan criticized France for providing lethal and offensive weapons to Armenia, calling it further evidence of France’s provocative actions in the South Caucasus region. The Ministry highlighted that despite previous warnings from Azerbaijan, France’s current military deal with Armenia contradicts France’s earlier claims that the military equipment supplied was for defensive purposes only.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry accused the French leadership of hypocrisy, stating: “The Macron regime, which pursues a policy of militarization and geopolitical intrigue in the South Caucasus region, hinders normalization between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the establishment of sustainable peace in the region. Due to its destructive and biased policy, the current leadership of France, excluded from normalization and regional processes, continues its disruptive policy against Azerbaijan.”

The statement further condemned France for supporting Armenia, which Azerbaijan described as having committed military aggression and occupation against it. Azerbaijan warned that France’s rearmament of Armenia and support for Armenia’s revanchist policies are politically irresponsible and could lead to renewed conflict.

The Ministry also criticized France’s historical and ongoing colonial practices, citing issues in New Caledonia and other overseas territories as examples of France’s “abhorrent track record” in creating conflict zones. The Ministry accused France of exploiting indigenous populations, plundering natural resources, and suppressing protests through violence.

Azerbaijan concluded by stating that any escalation of conflict in the South Caucasus would be the responsibility of Armenia’s revanchist leadership and the “Macron dictatorship.”

“We declare that the responsibility for the escalation of the situation in the South Caucasus region and the creation of a new hotbed of war will be fully borne by the leadership of Armenia, which pursues a revanchist policy, and the Macron dictatorship,” the Ministry said.