The chairmanship of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly has passed to Azerbaijan for two years.

The chairmanship was passed to Azerbaijan at the XIV plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in Baku.

Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Sahiba Gafarova said that the Azerbaijani Parliament assumes the chairmanship of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly for two years.

She emphasized that it was a great pride to accept the chairmanship from brotherly Türkiye.

Gafarova noted that nowadays humanitarian crises, conflicts, poverty, climate change, growing discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia also negatively affect the Asian region.

“We have to recognize that all these challenges can be solved collectively, only through joint efforts, not one by one. This also applies to peace, security, stability, and sustainable development in our region. Taking into account natural, and human resources, and achievements in various spheres, I believe that our region has enough opportunities to cope with these challenges.

The geography, demography, cultural and religious diversity of the Asian region does not divide our countries and peoples. Rather, this diversity enriches and draws them together. Asia has much to offer in terms of cooperation, dialogue, and solidarity. In this sense, the Asian Parliamentary Assembly is an important multilateral platform for these purposes,” the Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament added.