“At a time when practical implementation of disarmament and demilitarization on the ground starts, accompanied by direct dialogue between Armenian residents and central Azerbaijani officials, the consideration of the situation by the international community should correspond to existing realities in order to remain relevant and helpful. On the contrary, one-sided and biased approach driven by short-sighted political considerations or lobby connections, which mostly is at the core of calling this debate at the Security Council, is utterly counter-productive and unhelpful,” Jeyhun Bayramov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said in his statement at the 9422nd Meeting of the UN Security Council, Report informs.

According to him, this can only lead to distracting the focus from real process of normalization, which is not in interest of either of Azerbaijan or Armenia, but please the whims of certain outside forces that continue to manipulate existing differences for their own political purposes.