Azerbaijan and Armenia have made progress in defining their shared border, with agreement reached on the status of four villages.

The eighth meeting of the State Commission on Delimitation focused on initial sections of the border. Both sides agreed that four villages – Baganis/Baganis Ayrim, Voskepar/Ashagi Eskipara, Kirants/Khairimli, and Berkaber/Kizilhajili – will be directly incorporated based on Soviet-era borders.

Detailed coordinates for these sections will be finalized by May 15th, 2024, using ground measurements. This information will be documented and signed by both parties in a formal protocol.

While the full border delimitation process continues, these four areas will be considered officially defined until a final agreement is reached.

The commission also agreed to finalize a joint regulation outlining future collaboration on border demarcation. This regulation is expected to be completed by July 1st, 2024, followed by internal approval processes in both countries.