Azerbaijan always takes international obligations seriously, Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, said on Tuesday.

“The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry issued an official statement and expressed the country’s positions regarding accusations of Azerbaijani side in war crimes made by Armenian Foreign Ministry in connection with the videos posted on social networks.The military prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan made a statement about the start of a comprehensive investigation into these videos. Azerbaijan would like to emphasize the investigation was started not in response to any calls, but precisely within the framework of the fact that Azerbaijan has always taken international obligations seriously,” she stated.

“As for the appeals of some Western states, it’s interesting what appeals these people have made over the past 30 years in connection with the numerous war crimes committed by the Armenian side in front of the world community during the second Karabakh war, in connection with the investigation of these crimes, the punishment of those responsible ? Why is the fact that Armenian-made mines killing civilians on the territory of Azerbaijan still being ignored today? Or planting mines on the territory of another state at a time when hostilities are not being conducted is not considered a war crime?” Abdullayeva asked.

“The responsibility for the deaths of up to 250 people, the vast majority of whom are civilians, clearly lies with the leadership of Armenia. However, so far not a single person in Armenia has been held accountable for numerous war crimes, crimes against humanity committed since the early 1990s and continuing to this day,” she said.

“If those who call on Azerbaijan want to demonstrate impartiality and fair position, they should approach the issue comprehensively, investigate the numerous crimes committed by Armenia so far and demand that those responsible be held accountable. Otherwise, this is nothing more than a one-sided statement made as a result of Armenian propaganda,” Abdullayeva added.