Azerbaijan’s commitment to combatting climate change and reducing vehicular emissions has taken a significant step forward with the adoption of Euro 5 standards. This initiative, aimed at diminishing carbon monoxide emissions, mandates the use of higher octane AI-95 fuel and introduces restrictions on the import of vehicles older than 7 years, reads an article published by BNN, Report informs.

In an effort to align with ecological standards and improve air quality, Azerbaijan has begun the domestic production of AI-95 gasoline. This move not only seeks to lower fuel prices but also to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. With the shift towards AI-95 fuel, older gasoline variants are being phased out, marking a pivotal change in the country’s approach to sustainable fuel usage.

In conjunction with the transition to cleaner fuel, the State Customs Committee of the country has proposed stringent measures on vehicle imports. Cars manufactured before 2013 are now banned from entering Azerbaijan, a decision aimed at both improving road safety and reducing ecological damage. This regulatory change underscores Azerbaijan’s commitment to modernizing its vehicle fleet and encouraging the adoption of more environmentally friendly transportation options.