The head of the State Duma has hailed the large number of delegates from African parliaments preparing to gather in Moscow FILE PHOTO. © Sputnik / Ekaterina Lyzlova

Western nations have failed to isolate Russia internationally, including from Africa, says Vyacheslav Volodin, the chair of the Russian State Duma. He cited the growing number of participants at an Africa-focused international event in Moscow.

The second Russia-Africa summit of parliamentary representatives, which will kick off on Sunday, boasts 39 national delegations, compared to 36 at the inaugural meeting in 2019, the senior lawmaker noted on Friday.

This growth “confirms the special status of the friendly relations between Russia and Africa. Washington’s and Brussels’ plans to isolate Africa from Russia have failed,” the head of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament stated.

The agenda for the gathering ranges from legislative support for international cooperation in science and education, to discussion of “Western neocolonialism” and how African nations can safeguard themselves from a repetition of their past exploitation.

Volodin expressed hope that the lawmakers will be able to “do a lot to develop relations based on the principles of respect, non-interference in domestic affairs and mutually beneficial cooperation.”

He also said the event would pave the way for a summit of national leaders from Africa, whom Russia has invited to come to St. Petersburg this summer. (RT)