Today South Caucasus, northern parts of Turkey and Iran and southern parts of Russia can be exposed to radiation. The Metsamor NPP will be resulted in more serious disaster rather than Chernobyl in accordance with the experts’ opinions.

Everyone on planet Earth admits the danger of the Metsamor NPP. In this regard, Azerbaijan has warned the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the international community on Metsamor for several times.

Today Yerevan hopes for the implementation of the tender titled ‘Support to the Nuclear Operator of Armenia – On-Site Assistance (OSA) at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant’ represented by the European Commission in January. The European Union allocated 2,500 000 euro in aid to Armenia within the tender. The deadline for applications for the tender is July. The winner will be announced in October. The implementation period will run from October and will be valid for 36 months.

The news was posted on website of the Czech Republic to inform the companies on the tender. The news informed the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic on the tender to give technical support through analyzing the documents on the potential rise for nuclear management institutions and long-term safety of 2nd reactor of the Metsamor NPP. However, the studies suggest that neither Czech nor other companies of the world have applied to attend the tender up to now. Even the Russian companies keep silent.

As its name indicates, the tender proves that the Metsamor NPP does not meet the requirements of the IAEA’s ‘nuclear, radiation, transport and waste safety and nuclear security standards’. The EU required improving technical staff of the plant with a low level of professionalism.

The historical background of the Metsamor NPP proves the level of Armenian ‘nuclear workers’ incompetency. It should be highlighted that 110 workers spent 7 hours to extinguish fire on October 15, 1982. The local staff immediately left the plant in panic after the earthquake in Spitak on December 7, 1988. The absence of operation and maintenance brigade has led to the serious danger of overheating in the reactor.

In order to prevent a possible accident, the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Ministry of Atomic Energy and Industry of the USSR were urged to send personnel. The technical specifications of the plants were the same.

The above-mentioned facts indicate the professionalism level of Armenian atom workers and high safety standards in the period of the former Soviet Union (1988). The authorities did not take any measures to strengthen the safety and provide the NPP with modern technical safety equipment in the next period of time.

On the other side, four modules – VVER, PBMK, EGP and BN are used in the NPP built in the period of the former Soviet Union. However, 40 years’ experience demonstrates the insecurity of VVER reactors. Most of the accidents specially happened at the plants work with VVER reactor. The Metsamor NPP works with VVER model. The first module of the plant is VVER440/230 model. The use of the model which is old and has no safety system proves that the Metsamor NPP is riskier than Chernobyl NPP. The reason is that this model does not have steel dome to prevent the leakage of the radioactive material. In addition, the lack of modern safety and technical equipment, scarcity of cooling water for the reactor and construction of cooling system based on the out-of-date project uncovers the serious dangers for the regional ecology.

The second bloc of the NPP built based on VVER-440/270 model is deprived of technical equipment and safety system which can prevent nuclear disaster. The total production power of VVER-440/270 reactors that were produced in Russia was 916MW electric energy per year in accordance with the IAEA’s records.

The construction of the first bloc was launched on July 1, 1969 and become available for use on November 6, 1977. The second bloc was commenced to build on July 1, 1975. On May 3, 1980, it went into use. None of the blocs has ‘cover ‘which is a construction to prevent leakage of radioactive materials in terms of accidents and emergency cases.

The attempts to change the reactors failed. Furthermore, the attempts on search for alternative energy sources, as well as modern elements of management for the new reactor and emergency transfer system are still useless.

One of the serious dangers of Metsamor is that the NPP was built in seismically active area of 9-magnitude earthquake. The IAEA standards forbid building of the NPPs in the areas where more than 5-magnitutde earthquakes are expected.

Five major and more than 150 minor accidents happened at the NPP during its operation. One of the major accidents was recorded during the Spitak (Hamamli) earthquake in Armenia in 1988. 25,000 people killed at that time.

If the staff leaves the Metsamor in case of accident, it is unknown who will provide the safety. Furthermore, no one can ensure that the workers with a low level of professionalism will not lead to the accident. Additionally, those workers deal with nuclear smuggling. There are enough facts proving nuclear smuggling. .

Those facts indicate that the Metsamor NPP must immediately be shut down. A minor accident at this plant can be resulted in destruction of living organisms in a region. In this manner, this must not be internal issue of any country because a possible accident will affect a number of countries.

It must be particularly noted a total area of the real danger for Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran is two times more than the area of Armenia. In this fashion, countries in neighboring Armenia should put pressure to close the Metsamor NPP.

Moreover, the irrefutable facts were proved regarding the radioactive waste disposal in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and the radioactive waste dumping into Caspian Sea via Araz River. The Armenian leaders have threatened Azerbaijan and Turkey with radiological weapons. All these facts are enough for the world community to seriously think on the closure of the NPP.

The Armenian side established training camp for terrorists in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. No one can assure that Armenia which supports terrorism and cooperates with terror organizations will not use the means of the Metsamor NPP against Azerbaijan and Turkey.