Catastrophic wildfires ripping across the Texas Panhandle have killed at least two people and threaten to destroy more homes, cattle and livelihoods as the biggest inferno in state history engulfs more land every minute, Report informs referring to CNN.

The Smokehouse Creek Fire has now torched more than 1 million acres in Texas alone, making it the largest fire on record in the state. The blaze has also charred more than 31,500 acres in Oklahoma as of Thursday evening, that state’s forestry service said. Altogether, the fire is among the largest in the Lower 48 since reliable record-keeping began in the 1980s.

The inferno is one of three fires burning in the Texas Panhandle – with no end in sight.

Despite light precipitation in the area Thursday, dry air and ferocious winds are expected to return Friday and into the weekend – likely fueling the flames.

The wildfires have already scorched about 2,000 square miles – roughly the same amount of land as the entire state of Delaware.

Two people have been killed by the Smokehouse Creek Fire. Cindy Owen was found dead in Hemphill County, Chris Ray, Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant, told CNN.