Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for October 3 act of vandalism at the World Jewish Center in Yerevan, Report informs, citing the organization.

The synagogue was doused with red liquid and its windows were broken.

“We, the young followers of the true fighters for the freedom of the Armenian people, are proud to inform you of the intimidation operation that was carried out on the morning of October 3, 2023 against the World Jewish Center in Yerevan,” the terrorists wrote in their statement.

At the same time, Armenian nationalists proudly declared that they would continue to commit such actions against Jews and the Jewish world.

“This is a warning: our successful operation in Yerevan is just the beginning. This is just a declaration of our determination. We will continue to burn synagogues in the US, Europe and other countries,” the terrorist organization said in a statement.

This fact is yet another clear expression of anti-Semitism in Armenian society, and also demonstrates a lack of tolerance towards carriers of different ethnic identities and religious beliefs.