The Central Election Commission of Armenia has summed up the results of voting in 2008 (over 99%) of polling stations, Report informs citing Armenian media.

Republican Party of Armenia – 58,947 (4.70%)

Citizen’s decision – 8,517 (0.68%)

Dashnakthutyun faction – 48,757 (3.89%)

My step – 883,408 (70.44%)

Bright Armenia – 79,921 (6.37%)

Armenian Renaissance – 6,446 (0.51%)

National progress – 4,120 (0.33%)

We – 25,138 (2.00%)

Orinats Yerkir – 12,376 (0.99%)

Sasna tsrer – 22,821 (1.82%)

Prosperous Armenia – 103,736 (8.27%).

By the information, the Republican Party of Armenia, failed to surpass the 5% mark, scoring just 4.7% of the vote and won’t enter the parliament.

Notably, a party needs to score at least five percent of the vote, while a bloc is required to have at least seven percent to win seats in the national legislature.

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In line with this legislation, at least three political parties must enter the parliament. By results of the voting, these will be Prosperous Armenia and Bright Armenia parties and My step bloc.

Notably, less than a third part of voters participated in Armenia’s extraordinary elections.