“The accuracy of minefield maps handed over by Armenia does not exceed 25 per cent,” Vugar Suleymanov, Board Chairman of Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency (ANAMA) said at a scientific-practical conference held in Khankendi. 

He noted that this was a very low figure.

“At the same time, the data transmitted by Armenia covers the territory of the former battle line only,” Suleymanov noted.

The mine action in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan launched by ANAMA shortly after the 2020 war revealed the heavy contamination of the residential areas, agricultural lands, riverbanks, forests, and cemeteries with landmines and unexploded ordnance.

ANAMA has cleared nearly 140,000 hectares of land from 119,946 mines and unexploded ordnance as of late May. According to Azerbaijani government data, international experts estimate that Azerbaijan needs nearly 30 years and $25 billion to resolve demining-related issues.