The State Security Service of Armenia accused the Armenian border guards of violating the rules, which led to a shootout.

A criminal case has been initiated into an apparent violation by border guards of a number of rules of military service, according to Armenian media. 

As the State Security Service noted, on April 10, a conscript soldier of the service’s border troops, having learned that a shepherd and his herd had gotten lost and ended up on Azerbaijani territory, together with his colleagues “decided to cross the border without permission and return the cattle, thereby violating the rules of service, which “negligently caused significant damage, led to a wanton shooting, and endangered the lives and health of people”.

Previously, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan said that on April 10, around 15:20, it was discovered that two individuals from the direction of Nerkin Khnzoresk village of Armenia, opposite the positions of the frontier troops of the State Border Service located in Jijimli settlement of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli district, violated the state border, crossing approximately 300 meters into Azerbaijani territory with about 200 heads of small livestock.

The serviceman was immediately evacuated to a medical facility.

The border guard of the Azerbaijani State Border Service preventing the violation of the state border was fired from a combat post of the Armenian Armed Forces, as a result of which Senior Lieutenant Rovshan Mammadov was wounded.