Application of documents has been launched for a tender to open a new nationwide channel specialized on news of National Telecommunication and Radio Council.

Report informs that the application process will last from March 11 to April 11.

The tender is being held on the 48th frequency for SD broadcasting and 37th frequency for HD broadcasting in Baku and Absheron.

Persons who are not citizens of Azerbaijan, legal entities who have a share of a foreign individual or legal entity in the chartered capital, people who have been previously been convicted for crimes related to grave or especially grave crimes, as well as crimes against social morality, persons have not been served their sentence, people who suffer from disabilities or persons with disabilities approved by the court, political parties and religious organizations are not eligible for participation in the tender.

Documents required for the competition should be submitted in the Azerbaijani language . They should be attached, signed and sealed and submitted to the National Broadcasting Council and Radio Council in 7 copies. One-time fee for participation in the competition is not refundable. The applications will not be accepted in the absence of any of the abovementioned documents.

Documents required for the competition will be accepted in the administrative building of National Telecommunication and Radio Council (address – Baku, Nizami street, 145) within one month (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from 10.00 to 18.00.