Anti-Amazon social media users celebrated the company’s “Prime Day” sale on Monday by hijacking its Twitter trend to protest against Amazon’s controversial practices.

While many used the #PrimeDay hashtag – which was even given its own dedicated emoji by Twitter – to share product deals and discounts, others utilized the hashtag to criticize the company’s workplace practices.

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“Every time you’re tempted by a #PrimeDay deal, remember this is what you’re funding,” declared Independent reporter Adam Smith, who posted several screenshots of unflattering reports, including Amazon workers allegedly urinating in bottles and the company patenting a machine that would put workers in cages.

Another person used the #PrimeDay hashtag to call on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to give “decent wages, better working conditions, & union rights” to his employees, adding, “And together we’ll be working to make sure there’s progress by the next #primeday.” (RT)