A professor of African American history has reportedly resigned from her university and vanished from social media after an anonymously-published article alleged she has been posing as Latina.

Kelly Kean Sharp, an assistant professor of African American history at South Carolina’s Furman University, has stepped down after a post on Medium claims to have unmasked her as having faked Latina heritage, Inside Higher Ed reported.

While Sharp’s Twitter account has now been deleted, screenshots shared by the anonymous Medium poster and Inside Higher Ed show that she labeled herself as ‘Chicana’ – a word to describe an American woman of Mexican descent – in her biography.

In addition to using the ‘Chicana’ signifier, Sharp also allegedly implied Latina heritage in tweets, notably referring to her grandmother in Spanish as ‘abuela’, saying she came to the US during World War II. The poster claims to have looked into the academic’s genealogical records and found no grandparents born outside the US. (RT)