A terrorist attack at a church in Nice which killed three people has been condemned by Ankara. Turkey also expressed solidarity with the French people in a lull to the ongoing war of words between the two nations’ leaders.

The French government has now placed the country on high alert after a slew of incidents on Thursday.

A man and two women were killed in a terror attack in Nice, while police shot an attacker in Avignon who had shouted “Allahu Akbar.” A man in possession of a 30cm knife was arrested near a train station in Lyon, while another knife-wielding man was arrested near a church in Sartrouville.

A wave of condolences and support has poured in for France from around the world.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said the country stands in solidarity with the French people against terrorism and violence.

There is no excuse to take someone’s life that would legitimize violence. It is clear that the ones who commit such a violent act in a holy place have no respect for any humanitarian, religious, or moral values.

Turkish Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin also condemned what he described as a “heinous terrorist attack,” and said his country offered its “condolences to the French people.” (RT)