According to the latest data from Google, Android 13 is now installed on approximately 15% of active devices around the world, but Android 11 is still the most common version, Report informs via 9to5google.

Periodically, Google will gather statistics about the numerous devices across the globe that run Android – more specifically, those that have connected to the Play Store during a given seven-day period – and offer them to developers via Android Studio.

More specifically, you can find the percentage of devices that are running a particular Android version or newer. This is useful for choosing the lowest version of Android that an app supports, though companies like Apple have used this same public data to contrast the rapid rollout of iOS updates to devices.

In recent years, the chart has been updated far less frequently, closer to a quarterly basis. Despite that, there have been three updates to the Android distribution numbers so far in 2023, in January, April, and now June. Android Studio has now been updated with a chart dated May 30, 2023.

Given the limited amount of time between the two measurements, the version share unsurprisingly hasn’t changed much. That said, Android 13 has seen another (expected) period of growth, rising from 12.1% in April to 14.7% in June.

Meanwhile, Android 12, 11, and 10 have each seen slight declines. Despite the shrinkage, Android 11 has held onto the top spot in market share, being installed on 23.1% of global devices.