Discussions of climate change issues within the Petersberg Climate Dialogue should be linked to the issue of climate finance, former vice-president of the Framework Convention on Climate Change, member of the COP Bureau Andrej Bojic, told Report.

“It is extremely important that from 2022 the Climate Dialogue was moved under the auspices of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which became the main ministry for climate diplomacy, and I am personally very happy because of that.

As I said earlier, the issue of climate change must be linked to the issue of finance, and I expect that to be the main topic of dialogue this year. To achieve climate goals, the business community must also be involved to ensure that future investments are geared towards these climate targets.

The global energy transition will only be successful with sufficient private and public investments in environmentally friendly energies and technologies and building a fair, understandable, clear framework for measuring and reporting emissions,” he noted.