Culture for the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is one of the key areas in cooperation with Azerbaijan, Director of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Baku, Andrea Maccanico, said in an interview with Report.

“Culture is one of the key areas for us in cooperation with Azerbaijan. For us, the cultural aspect is more important than business. We pay special attention to ensuring that people in Azerbaijan understand that there is a rich history and culture behind the production of high-quality Italian suits, delicious food and fine wine.

We organize various events aimed at demonstrating how to cook Italian, real Made in Italy. We also strive to train hotel and restaurant staff to recognize true Italian quality. Through these efforts, we have developed excellent relationships with local restaurants and bars. The idea is to support them in their attempts to introduce the Italian experience, gauge the reaction of Azerbaijani clients and perhaps introduce elements of the Italian lifestyle into the local culture,” he noted.