Returning to the previous relationship between Azerbaijan and the US and finding common ground in peace negotiations with Armenia is extremely important, Pakistani international relations analyst Khalid Taimur Akram told Report.

He noted that the current stance adopted by the US House of Representatives constitutes a clear and significant historical blunder. This misstep is attributed to certain members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs who have been misled and misguided by Armenian lobby groups.

“This situation necessitates a thorough examination by both the US intelligence community and the Biden administration. It is crucial to understand that the Armenian lobbying organization in Washington is actively engaging in an aggressive and detrimental campaign against Azerbaijan, utilizing misinformation and deceptive tactics. The Armenian diaspora is manipulating individuals and their lobbying organizations to disseminate false information, influencing the US Congress against Azerbaijan,” he said.

Armenian lobbyism poses a potential threat to US policy, poisoning the minds of both the public and political figures, the expert noted.