Unfortunately, challenging four years are awaiting the US under Biden’s presidency, as he listens to the extreme left politicians, whose views lead to severe divisions in the country, Irina Tsukerman, a New York-based human rights lawyer and national security analyst, said in an interview with Report.

She said that Biden took up his duties not from the best side, calling one of the leading Republican senators Ted Cruz as Paul Joseph Goebbels.

“This is unlikely to bring him closer to supporters of Cruz and Trump. Though Democrats and left-wing Republicans believe that since Biden is less active on Twitter than his predecessor, he will be less antagonistic to part of the public. But he initially showed himself differently by his actions, not just words. Even in choosing his cabinet and other allies, he made it clear that he was more interested in external indicators, such as skin color, gender, and sexual orientation than in merit. Moreover, the bulk of his officials are very left-wing and aren’t inclined to compromise with the Republican minority in Congress, i.e., they are not interested in the opinion of at least half of the country,” she noted.

Tsukerman also stressed that since both chambers are now in the hands of the Democrats, it can be expected that the Biden administration won’t have significant obstacles. They will be able to carry out ‘even quite radical and destructive programs for the country’ in the next two years.

“Biden has already made it clear that his priorities on his first day in office are to undo many of Trump’s achievements, including the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is important to the country’s economy and energy policy and creates thousands of jobs. Instead, there is a return to the expensive and corrupt ‘green’ Obama-era economic policies that have enriched those close to the administration in corporate circles, created inconveniences, and hit the pocket of the average American,” she said.

The analyst believes that under the Biden presidency, American foreign policy will face an unconditional return to multilateralism, which doesn’t always work, ‘and it works especially badly in the context of corrupt international organizations headed or led by authoritarian states.’

“Negotiations with Iran are also unlikely to lead to anything good, especially because Biden put himself in opposition to such old allies as Saudi Arabia from day one. Biden will lift energy and other sanctions on Iran and its associates in the Middle East, which is fraught with extreme consequences, including new destructive wars, the growth of terrorism,” the analyst said.

‘Finally, the Democrats sympathize with the Armenian lobby, which finances their campaigns and invests in certain projects and corporations. At the moment, the South Caucasus isn’t a priority for Biden, but this can change at any moment, especially under pressure from Germany, which prefers to work with Russia on energy issues because of serious investments in the pipeline, and France, which is also under pressure by its Armenian diaspora and relative proximity to Russia,’ she added.